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Kaufen New Super Mario Bros 2

  • Kaufen New Super Mario Bros 2 sie für 3DS

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  • The Super Mario Bros. series is one of the most classic franchises in the video game roster, but after a few decades, you'd think that saving the princess in a 2D side-scroller would get boring. Well, if you feel that way, then New Super Mario Bros 2 is definitely for you. For in this take on the franchise, you still need to save Princess Peach from Bowser, but you can call that a secondary objective. What's the primary? Getting gold coins!!! Lots of them!
    For in New Super Mario Bros 2, the Mushroom Kingdom is now bursting with gold coins. Sure, they were there in previous games, but never to this extent! You can literally get millions of gold coins in this game, as long as you get them all in each level that is.
    The gold is everywhere, in the levels, in the monsters, and even in special Gold Pipes that'll take you to new special areas that are teeming with gold coins! You'll be searching for each and every one so that you can up your coin collection higher and higher, and there's nothing wrong with that. Oh, and did we mention the Gold Flower? Well, this special items turns Mario gold himself, and lets absolutely everything he touches turn to gold coins. Enjoy.
    Plus, in the Coin Rush Mode, you'll have three levels to collect as many coins as you can. Then, once you feel confident in your score, challenge your friends via Streetpass and see if they can beat it.
    The gold rush is on in New Super Mario Bros 2!

    Spielpreise vergleichen. Kaufen Sie New Super Mario Bros 2 PC Retail-Box oder CD-Keys. Aktiviere New Super Mario Bros 2 auf offiziellen Plattformen wie Nintendo eShop. New Super Mario Bros 2 am günstigste Preis.

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